Net Interest Margin Management

"In the rapidly changing financial services market, banks need to seriously reconsider their way of doing business."

- Paul H. Allan
Reengineering The Bank

Net Interest Margin Management

Improve your Net Interest Margin and you will add profitability to your bottom line!

Over the past fifteen years of consulting with a variety of community banks, we have found by far that banks with strong Net Interest Margins will have strong bottom lines.

When you see your Net Interest Margin changing from month to month or quarter to quarter, do you know why? Is it changing due to growth, changes in your mix or is it due to rate?

The answer is most likely all three. Premier Management has developed a solution to assist bankers with analyzing changes to Net Interest Income.

This versatile analysis will help you understand how the changing balance sheet and offering rates impact your Net Interest Income. Here are some common comparisons:

  • Actual Month to Current Month Budget Variances
  • Actual to One Year Ago
  • Actual to Last Month
  • Actual to a Projected Forecast

If you're ready to improve your Net Interest Margin, contact us and we can discuss how we can help you get your Net Interest Margin back on track.