Marketing & Design

"Great technology - even fantastic technology - isn't enough. We have to make that technology useful and universally accessible. It has to be easy, transparent and invisible."

- Bob Frankenberg, CEO
Novell Corporation

Marketing & Advertising

Studio 78 was established in 2001 to offer fresh, innovative and creative solutions to companies of all sizes. Studio 78 is a division of Premier Management Consulting Inc. and was created to support the marketing needs of our clients.

Studio 78 offers services to support traditional marketing channels such as newspaper, billboards, posters, brochures and a variety of other print materials. We also offer a full complement of new media advertising including website design and development, email marketing, interactive touch screens and digital signage.

The Studio 78 team is dedicated to the company’s core values of relationships, integrity and creativity. We differentiate ourselves by delivering custom designs, assisting clients to make informed decisions, establishing long-lasting relationships and providing on-going support. Studio 78 strives to achieve excellence in each project and exceed expectations set forth by clients.

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